No more toxins. Period.

No more toxins. Period.


Okay ladies, lets talk about your favorite time of the month. The time when you’re chocolate cravings are undeniable, your mood swings make your dog want to run and hide, and when you just can’t seem to get the button fastened on your go-to jeans. Ok, so maybe ‘favorite’ isn’t exactly the right word…

Periods. They suck, but the good news is we’re all in it together.

That’s why I want to share this scary information I found about what’s hiding in our tampons!  I’ve slowly been replacing all of the chemicals in my life with natural products. I started with cleaning products and now I’m on to body products like perfume, nail polish & tampons. (I’m still on the hunt for a good all natural deodorant so if you know of one letcha girl know below!!)

It’s truly frightening to realize how many chemicals we subject our bodies to on a regular basis. I mean think about it… What makeup did you use today? What perfume are you wearing? Are your nails painted? And to think we have to worry about tampons too?! Sadly we do.

Time Magazine recently published an article on “The Truth About Your Tampons” and adds tampons to the laundry list of daily products that have a group of chemicals sometimes referred to as ‘endocrine disruptors‘. These harsh chemicals can mess with the hormones your body’s endocrine system regulates, and have been linked to brain disorders, reproductive issues, obesity and cancer. In fact, recent reports from Europe pegged the healthcare costs of these chemicals somewhere north of $200 billion.

I’m sorry… $200 billion?!

Plus dioxins (byproducts of the bleaching process involved in the manufacture of tampons) are highly toxic and have been categorized as a known human carcinogens- aka cancer causing agents!

And although doses may be small per tampon, 2 a day, for 7 days, once a week for every month… it adds up. BIG TIME. It’s estimated that we use over 10,000 tampons in our lifetime!!

What really makes me mad? “Because tampons are considered medical devices, there’s no labeling requirements for ingredients”. I’m sorry.. say WHAT?! So because tampons are considered  “medical devices” companies don’t have to label the fact that they have chemicals that have been directly linked to cancer. Unbelievable.

I know what you’re thinking… “now what?!” If you’re like me and can’t quite get on board with the diva cup… don’t panic! I’ve found an awesome, completely transparent company called LOLA. Its’ mission is providing females with organic cotton feminine care products with no toxins, dyes, or synthetic stuff. They are made by women, for women. And the best part? They are delivered to your door on a monthly subscription basis! (Enter rejoicing emoji hands).

You can customize your assortment of light, regular, etc… in each box! And bonus: each purchase “helps to provide menstrual products to women in need across the U.S.”!! LOLA has already donated 100,000 tampons to low-income women and girls across the U.S. since July 2015!

Let’s chalk this up for a big fat WIN for women everywhere ammmmiright?! #girlpower

So, if you’re ready to say buhhh-bye to the chemicals and hello to a fresh, natural approach, then join me in making the switch! Order your first box of LOLA  here and enter this promo code: “EHARRINGTON2” to receive a box FREE! Your period still may not be your favorite time of the month, but at least you’ll be chemical free! #Winning

Sincerely Sick of Chemicals,

Elizabeth Harrington







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