Our Boho Apartment Tour: Bedroom Addition

Our Boho Apartment Tour: Bedroom Addition

Your home is an opportunity to create a private retreat where you feel relaxed (and healthy). Our apartment has been a true labor of love for me, finding products that not only represent our souls and healthy lifestyle, but also create a space flowing with positive energy. It’s still a work in progress but I think it’s time to finally share this space & some sustainable design tips I’ve learned while creating this space.


Sustainable tips:


Use Natural Materials. Almost all of our furniture is made from wood, bamboo or wicker. I try and stay away from synthetic materials when looking for a piece of furniture. If I can score natural material that’s been recycled or reclaimed, even better.

Handcarved Albaron Bed // Rug 

Buy organic and sustainable products like our bedding and mattress. Why buy organic bedding? Because with each purchase, you’re supporting safer and socially responsible farming. You’re helping the environment because the products do not use pesticides or toxic chemicals, and you’re helping yourself by not sleeping on these chemicals. Honestly, its a win win.

Organic Mattress  // Organic White Ribbed Blanket // Organic Washed Cotton Sheets // Organic Boho Knit Throw // Collaged Majida Pillow


Plants are always a good idea. Fill your home with life & it will bring you life🌿 Plants are a great way to not only decorate but they help purify the air by removing toxins + they boost your mood! They are super cheap and they add life into your space. Plus, they are sustainable and much better than buying a design piece you’ll love for a year and then get rid of.

Natural Rattan Chair with Cushion  // Mudcloth Pillow  // Organic Boho Knit Throw


Buying antique/repurposed furniture. We found our bedside table at a Moroccan furniture store in Orlando. I wanted a used piece because I knew it would bring character to our space. I’m in love with it and it was under $100!

Print (Photographer: Sydney Marie Photography )// Porcelain Buddha Lamp & Oil Diffusor  // Vase 

I also found this incredible bamboo stick at a garden shop! They had no idea what it was so they sold it to me for 5 bucks! I had to deep clean it when I got it home but it’s such a beautiful piece and it is totally one-of-a-kind!

Salt Lamp // Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusor // Saje Wellness Sleep Well Oil Blend 

Keep it minimal. The best way to keep your home sustainable is to keep your space minimal. Mindfully shopping will be a game changer for you. A rule of thumb for me (that I constantly repeat to myself when I find something I like at Homegoods) is this ” Will I love this piece in 4 years?” and “Do I really need this?” If I answer yes to both then I heavily consider it. This trick has stopped me from buying soooo many things that I would have regretted buying later down the road.  Keeping my space clutter-free, organized, and minimal really brings me good energy. It might sound crazy but by getting rid of things that don’t serve ME (while NOT replacing them with more things I don’t need) has totally changed my perspective on life.

Corner Shelf (Under $20!) // Moon Light  //  Salt Lamp


I hope this post helps inspire you to declutter,  shop smarter & support companies with sustainable efforts. Shopping for eco-friendly, sustainable, organic or repurposed products will not only significantly help our planet but it will greatly improve your health! I know that not everything we own falls under this category but every little bit counts!

If I didn’t tag something and you’d like to know where I got it, comment below!

With so much love,

xx Elizabeth


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