Hi guys! I’m Elizabeth, a twenty something marketing manager living in Orlando, FL. While marketing the passions of others has been taking up most of my time, (the rest being spent with an almond butter jar and spoon), I’ve been itching for a platform to share my own passions with the world. I finally accepted that if I didn’t build my dream, I would continue building the dreams of others- and boom, The Fresh Scoop was born.

Through a pretty serious (and life changing) back injury (and over 2 years of rehab) I had to rethink what “healthy” meant. Through the healing process, I not only avoided surgery, but I learned the importance of fueling your body with REAL food, weight training, and the power of a positive mindset. It didn’t happen over night, but adopting a healthy lifestyle has completely changed my life – and now I’m hoping I can offer up a little inspiration for your journey too.


So grab a spoon and dig in!