My Mindful Holiday Shopping Guide

My Mindful Holiday Shopping Guide

In case you missed my Instagram story rant on being a mindful shopper this holiday season (and beyond) I wanted to touch on it here because I think it’s so important for the future of our planet! I am going to challenge you all to be more mindful shoppers when buying gifts and decorations! This may sound difficult but it’s actually SO EASY. I also know that you’re being bombarded with gift guides so I hope you enjoy my spin on it! These are all products I love and use! Without further ado, here are my mindful shopping tips and gift ideas:

If you’re not ordering online, bring reusable bags and skip the store bags. 

It sounds like an obvious one but I know we all forget how powerful this step is! If you’re like me and always seem to forget the reusable bag, keep them stuffed in your purse or store them in the car so you can run out and grab them when needed!

Support companies that go the extra mile with their packaging.

A Pair of Allbird Wool Runners

Erik and I absolutely love our Allbirds! We’ve had them for almost two years now and I can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. They are made with natural materials instead of synthetic! Last year, I was so impressed with their packaging initiative when I got Erik a pair for Christmas. Their mission is to reduce the use of wrapping paper so their packaging has an awesome design on the box, which you can just throw right under the tree! Plus, in general, their packaging uses 40% less material than traditional shoe packaging. I have a pair of the Wool loungers and Erik has a pair of the loungers and runners. I want a pair of the runners next! Cough Cough!


A Daniel Wellington Watch

I’ve gotten so many compliments wearing mine! And the best part, you can switch the band out to change the look and feel rather than having to buy multiple watches! I also love their minimal packaging! It’s honestly so beautiful and doesn’t need wrapping paper and can easily be slipped under the tree! Plus, use code “freshscoop” for 15% off your order *can be used on top of any current promotions!


Buy a gift that replaces something not reusable.

A GoPure Pod

I love my Pod! It eliminates 99% of Lead and Arsenic, 97% of Chlorine and Fluoride. Plus, it’s  ceramic-made from food-grade minerals. Just drop it in a reusable water bottle and it will continuously attract and adsorb impurities, balance pH and release valuable trace minerals! I swear you’ll notice a difference in the taste of your water and it makes it so easy to fill up on the go! The GoPure pod is also a great gift for your pup! Bailey has one in her water bowl and it constantly filters her water! One pod lasts for 6 months and it’s small enough to make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Pair the pod with a Healthy Human 

I can’t go anywhere without my Healthy Human. I have multiple bottles and fill them up with coffee, smoothies, and water! Not only are they so convenient, they are eco-friendly, made ethically, 100% BPA-free, free of phthalates, and made with 100% premium food grade 18/8 stainless steel.


An Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers give you the added benefit of aromatherapy plus they replace toxic candles! *Not all candles are bad, but most are. A great rule of thumb to consider with candles is “You breath what you burn.” Plus, diffusers can be used for years (if cleaned regularly) so they make the perfect reusable, non-toxic gift! I’ve listed two diffusors that we love. The Essential Wellness Diffusor is BPA-free and the SpaRoom Buddha Diffusor is porcelain.

Buy something with minimal packaging.


Honest Hazel Collagen Eye Pads

A staple in my fridge. Yes, you read that right. I always have these in my fridge for #selfcaresunday or when I need a little help with my under eye puffiness! They are SO soothing and make for the perfect inexpensive, non-toxic stocking stuffer.


The Nikki Necklace

If you ever watch my stories you know I never take off this necklace (hence, why it made my Valentines Day Gift Guide too!). I absolutely love the #girlboss behind this company and the message of the necklace. The packaging is minimal and it’s such a beautiful, unique necklace. I always get stopped and asked where I got mine. The jewelry lover in your life will absolutely love the Nikki! *I have the rose gold chain

Eating Evolved Chocolate

Mom, if you’re reading this, PLEASE fill my stocking with coconut butter cups! These are so addicting and the ingredients are incredible! Eating Evolved is Gluten Free, Vegan, made with coconut sugar and down right DELICIOUS! They make the perfect stocking stuffer or even package topper! Plus, when you use “freshscooptmt” at checkout you get a free surprise gift! It’s a win win! A gift for a friend, a free gift for you!

Root & Bones Adaptogenic Superherb Powders

You guys know how much I love my mushrooms! I mean how could I not!? They have so many benefits and are so easy to incorporate into our diets! Plus, the packaging is so cute, recyclable, and fits nicely into a stocking! Use code “Thefreshscoop” for 15% off!



Orlando Locals// A Salt Room Giftcard

Erik swears the best massage he’s ever gotten was there and he was a professional athlete, so that’s saying something (he’s had PLENTY of massages in his day). Plus, they offer acupuncture by one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met, Dr. Saima Bhatti, DOM. She’s AMAZING at what she does. Acupuncture is such a great gift because it’s such a rewarding service. I always leave acupuncture feeling pain-free, refreshed and balanced. Plus, if you get a service there and mention “thefreshscoop“, you get a free salt lamp! So, uh, that’s two gifts in one!



Buy something that helps detoxify the home


A Salt lamp

A salt lamp is such an easy gift and it’s hard not to love! Always my go-to because they are seriously so beautiful and reasonably priced! Not only are they extremely aesthetically pleasing with their warm glow, they emit negative ions that help clear the air, naturally dilute odors, improve mood & concentration, and improve sleep.

Air Purifier 

It’s definitely on the pricey side but I think it’s worth it. I don’t own one but this one is on our wish list this year! I’ve had my eye on the Molecule for a while now. It’s different from other air purifiers out there because it destroys, rather than collects, harmful microscopic pollutants like allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and even airborne chemicals.


I really hopes this guide helps take some stress out of your holiday!

Happy mindful shopping babes!

xx Elizabeth



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