our very unique engagement ring purchase + design process

our very unique engagement ring purchase + design process

When it came to designing + purchasing my engagement ring we DEFINITELY didn’t do it the traditional way and I’m happier than EVER with our very unique process.

Communication was key.

Pinterest boards were great, but with my detailed and extremely picky self, that alone wouldn’t do the job. I needed to make every single design decision because I’d be the one wearing it every day.

What I thought I wanted I actually didn’t.

I thought I wanted a round diamond but after trying them on I hated it on my hand. Crazy right?? If you’ve tried on rings you probably know that you can LOVE something on someone else’s hand or on Pinterest but it could look TOTALLY different on your own hand.

Try on all the diamond shapes.

I quickly discovered I loved oval and I wasn’t even going to try on pear. I thought I was so set on oval but I still wanted to check off all the boxes – so I decided to try one on.

Then I knew. It had to be pear.

We ended up sourcing a responsibly sourced diamond from a local independent jeweler. They sourced 8 pear diamonds and when it was time to try them on, they didn’t tell me the cost or the grading of each and I put them all on my hand and decided which one I liked best. Luckily for Erik, I picked this one over a few others and I LOVE it. 😉 It’s kind of like trying on a wedding dress, you’ll just know.

A progress photo Erik was sent from Chris + Mai!

I followed my heart & didn’t listen to unsolicited advice.

I ALMOST had my rings designed by the local jeweler because of opinions of others telling me to stay the more traditional route (even though I’m not traditional?!). Those opinions definitely got in my head. When I told my mom I was going to do rose gold she told me I was going to get tired of it so quickly. BUT I LOVE the rose gold. It’s the perfect color for ME & everyone comments that they love that I chose rose gold. It’s so feminine & neutral. And most importantly, It makes me so happy.

Even after getting engaged a comment made about my decision from someone close to us got back to me about how they scoffed at our process and how they’d NEVER do it that way and to that I just laugh! You’re always going to have haters and you just have to do you:)

I followed designers I liked on Instagram and would bookmark designs that I loved.

I had been following Sirciam for years and I’d always say to myself “wow, I’d die for a ring designed by them” but I kept telling myself that could never happen. BUT WHY?! Why couldn’t it?! So I took a shot and sent them a DM on Instagram explaining my love for their designs and asked if they would design my engagement ring and they said YES. One minute I was thinking that this wouldn’t be possible and that I’d never get a ring designed by them and then the next minute we’re scheduling a time to meet IN PERSON so we could go over design vision + details and they could get to know us and our story.

Getting to sit across from Chris + Mai the beautiful humans behind Sirciam was an absolute dream and made the process even more amazing. I got to see some of their work in person (for the first time) and it solidified what I already knew: this was the right decision for me. Yes, the engagement wasn’t going to be a complete surprise but I mean we had been together for so long so was it ever going to be a complete shock?? It was such a nice feeling knowing that me being a part of this process was what was right for me.

Originally they didn’t think it would be possible to fit the star in the engagement ring (to match my star eternity band) but they ended up getting it in there and I had NO idea until Erik proposed!

I designed all my rings at the same time.

I’ve heard sooo many times from friends that they have the hardest time picking out a wedding band because the diamond was set too low or the wedding band they want is either out of price range or doesn’t match their engagement ring OR it’s such a unique ring that nothing fits it (without custom making). I wanted to make sure that my vision came to life and that we stayed within budget, so I worked with Sirciam to make sure my two stackable bands worked well with my engagement ring. And, I’m so glad we did it all together because the bands did affect small design decisions on my engagement ring (like the height of my diamond – I wanted it very flush to my hand but we had to set it slightly higher so that my band could fit under it nicely).

the final ring reveal Erik got from Chris + Mai before it was shipped to him!

Then I waited. Which was the fun part. Erik sat on the ring for a very longggg time. The engagement still caught me off guard (even though I had designed my ring MONTHS ago) and it was the SWEETEST surprise! (read our engagement story here) The ring turned out BETTER than I could have ever imagined and just because I saw bits and pieces of what the ring was going to look like, I had no idea what the final result was going to be and it was absolutely PERFECT and uniquely ME!

 xx Elizabeth

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