Why you should choose clean beauty

Why you should choose clean beauty

If you’ve noticed, I’ve started sharing more clean beauty with you because:

1. You guys are loving it and that makes me HAPPY. (I geek out over clean beauty!)


2. I truly believe that you should care just as much about what goes on your body as much as what goes in.

okay, so why choose clean beauty?

The US beauty industry is so poorly regulated that the “harmless” and “natural” products we buy, contain nearly 10,000 UNTESTED chemicals. These chemicals are quickly absorbed through our skin and into the bloodstream, instead of being digested through the liver (like the toxins we digest). This means all these Parabens, Phalates, etc. are actually MORE dangerous ON our skin! Another scary thought? “These chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system- which is responsible for all of your hormones. Reproductive problems, cancer, and decreased thyroid function can result.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that more than 40 countries have banned 1,400 chemicals in cosmetic products, compared with 9 in the US. *The EWG is also a great resource!

If you’re Interested in this topic, I highly recommend reading the book “The Toxin Solution” by Joseph Pizzorno. It goes in-depth about toxins, what they’re hiding in, and side effects of exposure. It’s a great eye-opening read.

Okay, so you’re interested is making the switch, now what?👇🏼

1. Share this post with your family/ friends! Basically anyone you want to share the importance of using clean beauty with.
2. Focus on one product at a time // don’t get overwhelmed. Replacing just one toxic product a month will tremendously help with your toxic load. Don’t just dump all of your products out. Just make swaps little by little. This way is much more attainable! Check out my other blog posts like “how to achieve the just left the salon feeling” , “6 clean beauty product you need this summer”, & 6 Sephora musts to help get you started on swapping!

3. Don’t get discouraged // You may be thinking clean products don’t work as well but I’m here to tell you THEY do and I will continue to share with you products I love and those that WORK.

4. Stay connected // be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on instagram where I regularly talk about clean beauty products! Also, feel free to comment below or DM if you have any questions- I’m here to help and would love to chat with you beauties.

And lastly, if you have products you’d like me to try, products you’d like to swap for clean ones, tutorial requests, video ideas etc. please leave them below!👇🏼 xx

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